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We are Committed to Transparency

Access a repository of open data from the Ministry of Economy

The open data platform of the Ministry of Economy provides easy access to various resources such as statistics, reports and analyses, through interactive dashboards and display maps which support browser requirements, and available search tools to easily find information. It provides a wide range of data and figures related to investment and economic indicators in the UAE and in other countries. The systematically organised information made available to the public demonstrates the Ministry’s commitment to promote transparency, accountability, and innovation.

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Total intellectual works 2015-2023
Total intellectual works by Nationality 2015 - 2023
Total intellectual works by type of intellectual workbook 2015 - 2023
2023 - تسجیل موزعي ومستوردي المصنفات 2015
Certificates of origin issued by emirate 2023
Certificates of origin issued by type 2023
Economic committees 2020 -2023
Economic agreements - Memorandums of Understanding at the end of 2023
العلامات التجاریة المودعة والمسجلة 1999 - 2023
Number of Trademark Registration Application by international classification 2023
Number of Trademark Registration Application by Nationality 2023
The number of inspection tours and violations at the level of the Emirates 2016-2023
Data on recalls of goods and products by type of recall, number of goods, and brand 2023.
Rank of the UAE in the Prosperity Index 2016-2023
Rank of the UAE in the World Competitiveness Report (IMD) 2016-2023
Rank of the UAE in the Global Digital Competitiveness Report 2016-2023
Hotel Guest Arrivals 2014- 2023
UAE ranking in sustainable developments index 2023
Patent Index 2015-2023
Patent index \ Design Index 2017-2023

Total number of open data files 188

Last Update 20/06/2024

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General Open Data

This includes additional reports and resources provided by the Ministry of Economy that can be of value to economists, researchers, decision-makers, and the academe. Please note that you can find the economic reports and other useful resources in the media centre.

Total revenue of cooperatives 2009-2020
(figures in billion dirhams)
Total profits of cooperatives 2009-2020
(figures in million dirhams)
Number of patents granted 2017-2023
Number of inspections in 2023(by type of inspections)
Number of violations in 2023 (by type of inspections)
Tourism Statistics (number of visitors in million)
Tourism Statistics (number of overnight stays in million)
Tourism Statistics (number of hotels)
Tourism Statistics (occupancy rate)
Tourism Statistics (total revenues in billion dirhams)

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