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UAE-Cambodia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement

The UAE-Cambodia CEPA was signed on June 8, 2023 and entered into force on January 31, 2024. As a result of the agreement, businesses can now take advantage of an array of   benefits. These include:

  • Market Expansion: The UAE-Cambodia CEPA unlocks vast opportunities for market expansion, covering an extensive array of over 92% of tariff lines, and providing UAE businesses with privileged access to Cambodia's thriving and diverse consumer base.

  • Investment Opportunities: The agreement encourages bilateral investments by offering a conducive environment for UAE investors in Cambodia and vice versa, promoting economic growth, job creation, and technological advancements.

  • Support for SMEs: The UAE-Cambodia CEPA includes provisions to support Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), offering them a platform to expand their reach, access new markets, and contribute significantly to the economic growth of both nations.

  • Boost to Service Sector: With a focus on the service sector, the agreement enhances market access for UAE service providers in Cambodia, facilitating collaboration in areas such as finance, healthcare, education, and other service-oriented industries.

  • Streamlined Customs Procedures: Businesses benefit from simplified and expedited customs procedures.

The UAE-Cambodia CEPA includes 18 chapters

The UAE-Cambodia CEPA Handbook

The UAE-Cambodia CEPA Market Access Dashboard

UAE exporters can now benefit from greater market access through preferential tariff rates. Some products will be subject to zero tariffs from day one - others will see them reduced over time. To determine the tariff classification (your HS code for your product), review the dashboard and find the tariff line description that best represents your product. From there you can view the preferential tariff rate for your product and estimate the charges.

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