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Arab Health
Category Healthcare

Frequency: Annual


One of the world's largest medical conferences, Arab Health brings the global healthcare industry to Dubai every year, with attendees including healthcare experts, influencers, dealers and distributers, and government entities. The event serves as a platform to discuss and demonstrate latest developments with a focus on innovation and opens several avenues for healthcare experts to update themselves.

Arab Health witnesses the signing of key healthcare deals, and facilitates dialogue among major industry players. Sales and business development professionals seek to expand their product and service portfolios, while purchasing and procurement professionals stay informed on novel products and secure the best deals following deliberations with manufacturing companies.

Exhibits include medical equipment and devices in disposables and consumer goods, imaging and diagnostics, wellness and prevention, healthcare and general services, healthcare infrastructure and assets, IT systems and solutions, orthopaedics, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and healthcare innovation. The event also gives away awards for innovation and achievements in the categories of radiology, surgery, laboratory work, patient-centred care, and clinicians.

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