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null Minister of Economy visits ‘Fish Farm’ in Fujairah to review its growth and future expansion plans

17 Dec 2022

Minister of Economy visits ‘Fish Farm’ in Fujairah to review its growth and future expansion plans



>> Bin Touq: The UAE has made significant progress in the transition towards the new economic model, and we are committed to supporting various leading economic projects that contribute to diversifying and improving the national economy, as well as its promote sustainability


  • The Ministry of Economy is further strengthening its collaboration with different private sectors and business communities in the UAE to advance the process of economic and social development.
  • The ‘Fish Farm’ owns three facilities in the Emirates of Dubai, Fujairah, and Umm Al Quwain, and produces three million kilograms of fish annually.
  • The farm is essential in meeting the UAE fish market's demands and exporting its products to foreign markets.



His Excellency Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri, Minister of Economy, visited the ‘Fish Farm’ in Fujairah, one of the most significant fish farms in the country, to assess its progress as well as plans for expansion and production capacity growth. This came as part of the series of visits organised by the Ministry of Economy under the slogan ‘Economic Communication’, to analyse the advancements in several economic and commercial projects in the UAE, as well as monitor the impact of economic legislation on the business community, and investors along with various financial and business centres. His Excellency was welcomed by Badr bin Mubarak, the CEO of the ‘Fish Farm’.


His Excellency stated that under the vision and directions of our wise leadership, the UAE has gained significant strides to achieve the transition towards a new economic model that is based on innovation and knowledge. “This is done by creating numerous economic laws that adhere to the best international practices, creating a more flexible and competitive investment environment, and providing significant opportunities to seamlessly conduct activities and businesses in various commercial sectors,” he added.


HE highlighted the commitment of the UAE in strengthening collaboration with the private sector, supporting various commercial and economic initiatives, and driving them toward continued growth and prosperity. This, he said, will strengthen the local production growth, enhance export capabilities, national economic diversification, and sustainability, solidifying the UAE's status as a leading international business and investment destination.


During the visit, His Excellency was given a brief regarding the activities at the ‘Fish Farm’, and its progress. The farm plays a crucial role in meeting the UAE fish market needs, producing 3 million kilograms of high-quality organic fish each year to compete with those imported from their natural habitats. Along with its goals to boost its production capacity and export to overseas markets, His Excellency was also given a briefing on the farm's growth and investment plans.


Furthermore, His Excellency emphasised the significance of leveraging the UAE's potential for fostering economic and commercial growth, as well as the constant efforts to encourage investors to make more investments in the country's markets by creating new plans and initiatives suitable for the current stage. In order to achieve sustainable economic and social growth, HE stated that the Ministry of Economy is committed to enhancing its collaboration with the nation's business community and private sector as key partner in achieving sustainable economic and social development


In addition, HE also noted that the UAE is eager to develop the industry using cutting-edge technological tools and sophisticated agricultural practices in accordance with the best international practices. He stated that the development of fish farming activities in the markets of the UAE supports the growth of the national economy's GDP, creates many job opportunities, and generates more economic returns.


Badr bin Mubarak, CEO of Fish Farm said: “Fish is a vital element in the daily diet of the UAE residents. It is regarded as crucial especially for citizens in the coastal regions of the country, since our forefathers relied on fish and dates as their primary sources of nutrition.” He continued by saying that the farm has the potential to produce three million kilograms of fish annually, offering it a significant competitive advantage. He explained that since the farm can largely meet the increasing demand from the local market, it plays a significant role in ensuring national food security. It has also been able to swiftly establish itself as a major player in this field.


The ’Fish Farm’, which was established in 2013 at Jebel Ali, Dubai, simulates the natural surroundings of the original salmon-growing regions, including Scotland, Iceland, and many more. The conditions of the industrial environment for fish farming and reproduction are promptly and continually managed in this farm's control room.


At present, the farm owns three facilities in the Emirates of Dubai, Fujairah, and Umm Al Quwain and produces more than three million kilograms of fish annually. These facilities strive to increase food diversity, the growth of local fisheries, and provide alternative fish during breeding seasons. They have also launched artificial caves in the country's waters to provide fish with an optimum environment.

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