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null Ministry of Economy approves 109 product recall requests A total of 150,000 items recovered in 2022    

17 Apr 2023

Ministry of Economy approves 109 product recall requests



A total of 150,000 items recovered in 2022



In line with the Ministry of Economy’s efforts to strengthen the consumer protection ecosystem in the country and to enable business best practices in line with the Federal Law No. 15 of 2020 on consumer protection, the Ministry’s Competition and Consumer Protection Department revealed that 109 requests to recall various goods and products were approved, including 150,000 commodities in the year 2022. Moreover, 28 applications covering a total of 42,038 commodities were approved between January 1 and March 22, 2023, in coordination and cooperation with the relevant local departments and entities governing the country’s automotive sector. These requests covered cars, motorcycles, coffee makers, smart watches, and home furnishings among others.


The Ministry remains keen to address all refund requests for goods and products in accordance with Article No. 11 of the law, which obligates the supplier, in case he discovers a defect or safety risk in the commodity or service that may harm the consumer when using or benefiting from it, to inform the Ministry of Economy or the competent authority immediately of the potential damages and the means to prevent it. It further deals with the requests in accordance with Article No. 12, which obligates the provider, in the event of discovering a defect in the commodity or service, to repair or replace it, return the commodity and refund its price, or re-perform the service free of cost.


The Ministry stated that the recall of goods and the withdrawal of defective products from the country’s markets are carried out in accordance with international best practices and the highest levels of consumer health and safety. The Ministry also noted that it was able to establish a culture of refunding among consumers, which has contributed to enhancing commodity recovery operations in line with the UAE’s advanced consumer protection ecosystem.


Furthermore, the Ministry emphasized the continuous tracking of refund requests for commodities with commercial companies in the local market. This is done through local monitoring processes and continuous follow ups on observations and complaints it receives from consumers, or by following up cases of refunds and withdrawals regionally and globally.


The Ministry of Economy had recently formed the Automotive Committee under the supervision of the Supreme Committee for Consumer Protection, whose tasks include:

  • ensuring cooperation and coordination between all parties concerned with the automotive sector in the country
  • enhancing capabilities to deal efficiently, effectively and professionally with the challenges of recall operations, and
  • providing an appropriate and safe environment for the consumer for vehicle purchases and receiving a related service.

It further educates the consumer of his rights and obligations when purchasing a vehicle, as well as of the fair and prompt settlement of disputes that occur in the automotive sector. Besides, the Committee establishes mechanisms and proactive measures that limit the entry of defective goods into the country’s markets.


The Ministry continues its efforts to enhance consumer protection in the country by ensuring the quality of goods and services offered to them. It ensures that requests and refund notifications reach consumers in all parts of the country in effective and efficient ways to guarantee the safety of products and the quality of services to consumers.


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