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null Year of Tolerance

Year of Tolerance

Year of Tolerance

Upholding the UAE’s status as a global capital for tolerance

The year 2019 was proclaimed as "The Year of Tolerance" by UAE President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, which placed emphasis on creating a tolerant society and underlining the significance of human communication. This year’s theme greatly highlighted the country as the world capital for tolerance and reflected the UAE’s noble mission to be a communication bridge between countries and different cultures of the world by promoting coexistence and upholding the values of dialogue, respect, acceptance, kindness and openness. 

Year of Tolerance Framework

The main framework of the Year of Tolerance includes 7 primary pillars that aim to cement the values of tolerance and openness to cultures and peoples as a general community approach involving all segments of society and to establish a sustainable institutional framework across the country.


Tolerance in community

Promote the values of tolerance in the family and foster respect, peace and unity despite cultural differences, highlighting the functions of community centres in the UAE to build a tolerant and unified society.


Tolerance in education

The values of tolerance must be instilled in the minds of the youth; thus, it must be integrated in the school curriculum of all educational institutions in the UAE.


Tolerance at the workplace

Create a tolerant workplace in both public and private sectors and organisations through educational programmes that underscores giving equal opportunities to all employees.


Tolerance and culture

Launch different events and programmes to promote cultural tolerance that aspire to celebrate over 200 nationalities in the UAE and create more opportunities for interaction through culture and arts. 


UAE Model of Tolerance

Strengthen the country’s status as the global capital for tolerance by launching projects and initiatives focusing on tolerance and enhancing dialogue among diverse cultures and societies.


Tolerance in legislation

Development of policies and legislation by the Supreme National Committee for Tolerance that warrant the sustainability of implementing tolerance, unity, and dialogue among various cultures.


Tolerance in the media

The media plays a vital role in terms of promotion and dissemination of tolerance and coexistence through targeted campaigns, including the promotion of the UAE Model of Tolerance across various channels. 


The Historic Beginning

The Year of Tolerance started with a historic global event -- the first ever visit of Pope Francis to the Gulf region, after receiving an invitation from His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. 

This milestone signified a fresh page in history as the world witnessed the warm welcome and hospitality of a Muslim nation to the leader of the Catholic Church, which reflected the UAE’s strong commitment to cultivate harmonious coexistence and embrace diversity.

The Human Fraternity Document was signed by Pope Francis and Dr. Ahmed Al Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar. This was a joint statement calling for reconciliation and unity to uphold interfaith harmony and spread peace in the world.


Year of Tolerance Initiatives

Initiative to facilitate release of vehicles abandoned at maintenance workshops due to inability to pay fines and outstanding dues

As a part of the Ministry of Economy’s Consumer Protection programmes during the Year of Tolerance to ensure consumer satisfaction and happiness, the Ministry of Economy launched this initiative to facilitate the release of vehicles that were abandoned at maintenance workshops because of the owners’ inability to pay fines and outstanding dues. The Ministry reached out to the owners of 580 vehicles in different emirates abandoned for over 6 months because of default payments and offered solutions to their concerns which led to the release of these automobiles. 


Free technical inspection 

The Ministry launched an initiative, in cooperation with car dealers, which provided vehicle owners the opportunity to avail technical inspections of their vehicles free-of-charge at the dealer’s workshops.


Meetings with suppliers of commodities 

The Competition and Consumer Protection Department of MoE conducted 50 meetings with commodity suppliers to ensure price stability and availability of stocks. During the meetings, suppliers and traders pledged to address the requirements of local markets to prevent the shortage of commodities, especially in Ramadan. 


Price Freeze Initiative

This initiative helped to ensure the availability of specific commodities that are not subject to market variables, through the UAE’s cooperative societies. Already in its 7th year, the initiative included 5,000 commodities, with an increase of 11% in the number of fixed price goods compared to 2018.

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