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Major Tourist Attractions in the UAE

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Snoopy Island

True to its name – resembling the famous Snoopy cartoon character – this island is located off Al Aqah beach and is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Fujairah, thanks to its natural landscape and captivating ambiance. Snoopy Island attracts water sports enthusiasts, as it offers countless water activities and exciting natural surroundings that make for a wonderful adventure.


Al Bidyah Mosque

This historic mosque is nestled between Khor Fakkan and Dibbah Al Fujairah and is the oldest mosque in the UAE, with its construction dating back to the year 1446. It boasts a unique architecture style with four domes, making it a popular tourist destination for residents and visitors alike.


Gardens and Parks

With a multitude of gardens and parks throughout the emirates, it is sure to have something for everyone. For those with a penchant for beach gardens, Abu Dhabi Corniche, Mamzar Park, Dubai Creek Park and Al Majaz Waterfront in Sharjah will not disappoint. Desert parks include Jebel Hafit Desert Park in Al Ain and Mushrif Park in Dubai; whereas themed parks – such as water parks – including Murjan Splash Park in Abu Dhabi, Butterfly Gardens in Dubai and Sharjah and Dubai Garden Glow all offer a memorable experience to visitors. Ecological gardens like Safari Dubai are a must-see, as they feature a wide variety of animals in their natural habitats.



The beaches in the UAE are characterised by their soft white sands and expansive areas, providing visitors a place to relax and unwind. The list includes Yas Beach, Al Saadiyat Beach, Jumeirah Residence Beach and Kite Beach in Dubai, Dubai Ladies Club Beach, Mamzar Park Beach, Al Khan Beach in Sharjah, Al Hamra Beach in Ras Al Khaimah, Sandy Beach in Fujairah, Umbrella Beach, Al Aqah Beach and Dibba Beach.


Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

The museum showcases unique pieces of art and combines Islamic exhibits - such as astrolabes - together with ancient manuscripts, coins, the gold-embroidered Kiswah draping the Kaabah and amazing mosaics in the central atrium, which displays the night sky and the ecliptic of the zodiac.

Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

One of the largest mosques in the world today, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is an architectural masterpiece in its own right, as it combines various architectural styles. The mosque features 82 domes and was built under the orders of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan as a symbol representing the message of peace, tolerance and coexistence preached by Islam.

Abu Dhabi

Qasr Al Watan

This attraction stands out owing to its grand architecture and captivating design. It is considered a part of the presidential palace complex and an established cultural landmark, which attracts visitors wishing to explore the legacy and deep-rooted traditions that have shaped the UAE. Qasr Al Watan also showcases the country’s rich history.

Abu Dhabi

Yas Island

A very distinctive entertainment destination, Yas Island includes the Formula One Circuit, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi – an amusement park featuring famous cartoon characters, ‘CLYMB Abu Dhabi’ – an adventure destination with indoor climbing centre and skydiving flight chamber, and the award-winning Yas Links Abu Dhabi golf course, set amidst hills and mangroves.

Abu Dhabi

Manarat Al Saadiyat

A hub for various activities and community events, which invites visitors to partake in and embrace unique experiences, create their own innovative artworks, visit exhibitions, exchange ideas and enjoy meaningful discussions.

Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi

This is the first universal museum in the Arab World and reflects an openness towards global civilizations. The museum is located in the heart of the cultural district in Al Saadiyat Island and is sure to impress art enthusiasts, as it boasts a wide selection of exhibits of historical, cultural and social significance.

Abu Dhabi

Qasr Al Hosn

One of the most long-standing historical buildings in Abu Dhabi, this landmark was transformed into a national museum in 2018 to tell the story of a rich local heritage. The palace is considered an authentic icon that is a witness to the evolution of the city, from a territory once occupied by the Baniyas tribe in the eighteenth century, to one of the most contemporary and sought-after global hubs of the modern world.

Abu Dhabi

Sir Baniyas Island

The Island was named “Best Sustainable Global Tourism Destination” by the World Tourism Awards 2014. It is a natural reserve and a habitat to various forms of wildlife, regularly hosting exciting activities and events, while also boasting exquisite hotels, luxury villas and historical sites.

Abu Dhabi

Jebel Hafit

The mountain overlooks the city of Al Ain and promises visitors spectacular views of the city, where lush parks and gardens are in abundance. Jebel Hafit stretches to a staggering height of 1,249 metres, making it the highest summit in Abu Dhabi and the second highest in the UAE, after Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah.

Abu Dhabi

Al Saadiyat Island

Al Saadiyat Island has emerged as a global hub for cultural and recreational events, as well as a prominent residential and business destination. It is home to the largest cluster of leading global cultural institutions such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Al Saadiyat Beach Golf Club and a wide range of high-end hotels; and covers an area of 27 square kilometres.

Abu Dhabi

Al Maryah Island

With its strategic location at the heart of the city of Abu Dhabi, the island boasts spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf and is bordered by a waterfront boardwalk. Visitors to Al Maryah Island can visit a host of branded hotels, restaurants and cafes; along with the Galleria Mall, which houses hundreds of luxury boutiques. The island holds numerous events and activities all year-round and is considered a prominent tourist destination.

Abu Dhabi

Emirates Palace

Perhaps one of the most renowned landmarks in the city of Abu Dhabi, the 5-star award-winning Emirates Palace Hotel features world class restaurants. It is also viewed as an engineering icon, with its unique Arabian architecture, 1.3 km stretch of private beaches, private pier and striking views of the Arabian Gulf.


Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah

Burj Al Arab is one of the UAE's most famous tourist attractions and is distinguished by its unique architecture and stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. It is often given a ‘seven-star’ rating, owing to its gold-plated interiors, luxurious hotel suites and fine restaurants. In Jumeirah, visitors can navigate their way through the city via the many waterways spanning its attractions. Jumeirah Souk is of particular interest owing to its traditional shops selling antiques, as well as art exhibitions, modern stores and branded restaurants.


Downtown Dubai

Home to the magnificent Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world at a staggering height of 829.8 metres and considered an engineering wonder, Downtown Dubai is also distinguished by the world’s largest performing fountain. The Dubai Fountain is located along the Burj Lake opposite Dubai Mall, which is itself one of the largest shopping and recreational centres in the world. Downtown Dubai is a breath-taking destination in the city that promises you a memorable tourist experience.


Gold Souk

One of the oldest heritage souks in the emirate of Dubai, it is a must-visit destination for all visitors. The market is located in Deira, opposite Dubai Creek and is just a stone’s throw away from other traditional markets and ‘Abra’ boat stations.


Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Considered one of the most prominent heritage sites in the UAE, this neighbourhood reflects the traditional way of life that prevailed in Dubai several centuries ago, while also housing various museums, art exhibitions and restaurants. It is located along the Dubai Creek.



Looked upon as the real heart of the city, this saltwater creek extends 15 kms, dividing Dubai into two areas. Here, visitors can experience the traditional ‘Abra’ boats crossing its banks, while enjoying the sights and sounds of both old and modern Dubai, including traditional dwellings, skyscrapers and minarets.


Miracle Garden

True to its name, Miracle Garden is the largest natural flower garden in the world and occupies an area of 72 thousand square metres. It boasts impressive structures adorned by more than 50 million flowers. You might also like to visit the Butterfly Garden, which features more than 15 thousand butterflies. The garden is open to visitors in winter and spring.


The Global Village

This unique destination showcases various cultures of the world, enabling visitors to explore the traditional products, handicrafts and arts of numerous countries. The Global Village also features restaurants and entertaining venues in a festival-like environment.


Dubai Museums

The city of Dubai is home to numerous museums. The Etihad Museum is especially admired by all Emiratis as it is located in the area which saw raising of the first UAE flag, and the historic signing of the Constitution of the UAE. Dubai Museum showcases the traditional way of life preceding the discovery of oil and the glitz and glamour of modern days; while the Museum of the Future – an architectural icon in its own right – houses the latest global innovations.



Dubai offers tourists several entertainment destinations, including Dubai Parks and Resorts that combines three world-class theme parks and one water park which are: LEGOLAND® Dubai and LEGOLAND® Water Park, MOTIONGATE™ Dubai, Bollywood Parks™ Dubai, apart from Riverland Dubai and Lapita Hotel. Another large amusement park is the IMG Worlds of Adventure, which has more than 17 exciting games. It provides an opportunity to get to know the most famous cartoon characters, watch live entertainment on the stage, and interesting tours. It also houses exquisite restaurants and stores.


Al Majaz Waterfront

This attraction lies in the heart of the emirate of Sharjah and boasts a unique view overlooking Khalid Lake, extensive green landscapes and interconnecting gardens. The waterfront features various restaurants, cafes and skyscrapers that blend in with the Islamic and traditional architecture to offer visitors a mesmerising ambiance.


Al Qasba Canal

A number of restaurants, cafes and commercial outlets can be found along the Qasba Canal, while the Qasba Theatre hosts various cultural events throughout the year. The area becomes especially vibrant during the festivals season.


Khor Fakkan

The crescent-shaped coastline of Khor Fakkan extends for 3 km and overlooks a majestic bay lined with palm trees. The city features restaurants and cafes and hosts a multitude of recreational and tourist activities such as water sports and sailing.



Maleha was nominated as a world heritage site by the UNESCO, as it is considered one of the most significant archaeological sites in the UAE. It houses a number of important sites that date back to the Bronze Age, coupled with a number of pre-Islamic forts.


Heart of Sharjah

A cultural destination where the streets and architectural monuments exude a rich culture and unique legacy. Many ancient homes in the Heart of Sharjah have been restored to their former glory, showcasing a formidable heritage reflecting the long history of the UAE.


Sharjah Discovery Centre

The centre comprises seven main zones, offering myriad recreational activities and games especially designed for entertaining youngsters. These include Water World, Sharjah Kids International Airport, Build Town and Sports World – among others – providing children a wonderful time and confidence boost, while enabling them to learn in a fun-packed environment by simulating real-life setting.


Sharjah Museums

Sharjah is home to a wide range of diverse museums. They host educational and cultural events, as well as entertainment activities and interactive exhibitions, which are open for residents and tourists throughout the year. The museums include Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, Sharjah Science Museum, Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah Archaeology Museum, Sharjah Aquarium, Sharjah Fort, Sharjah Heritage Museum, Sharjah Maritime Museum, Al Mahatta Museum, Al Eslah School Museum, Bait Al Naboodah, Sheikh Saeed House Bin Hamad Al Qasimi, and Sharjah Classic Cars Museum.


Al Zorah Natural Reserve

The reserve is home to various species of wildlife, Avicennia plants, clear blue waters and sandy beaches, providing a habitat to some 58 species of migrant and native avifauna, as well as marine animals. It is an ideal destination for nature-lovers and is overlooked by a world-class golf course.


Heritage District

A unique tourism destination that is cemented in the UAE’s authenticity, heritage and rich cultural history. The Heritage District is home to antiquities and ancient trees, offering visitors a truly remarkable and well-rounded cultural and recreational experience. The district also houses Ajman Museum and the Old Saleh Souk.

Umm Al Quwain

Al Sinniyah Island

A unique destination that bridges the old with the new, reflecting the history, civilization and ecology of the emirate of Umm Al Quwain. The island is nearly 10 km long and is a habitat for seagulls and flamingos, avicennia plants, various desert flora and is considered a prime tourist destination in the city.

Umm Al Quwain

Umm Al Quwain National Museum

This museum is considered one of the oldest structures in the emirate of Umm Al Quwain and is located inside Al-Ali Fort. It exhibits countless artifacts dating back to hundreds of years, providing a valuable insight of the emirate’s culture and heritage. Visitors can explore its many rooms and discover the way of life and rich traditions of the people who once inhabited the area long back.

Ras Al-Khaimah

Jebel Jais

Part of the northern Hajar mountains, Jebel Jais mountain is considered the highest peak in the UAE, standing at a height of 1,934 metres above sea level. Overlooking the sea, this spectacular landmark promises adrenaline junkies some unforgettable adventures amidst its rugged landscape.

Ras Al-Khaimah

Al Marjan Island

Al Marjan Island attracts tourists and visitors from around the globe, thanks to its breath-taking landscape and backdrops. It is composed of four coral-shaped islands in a man-made archipelago; Breeze, Treasure, Dream and View Island and houses several exquisite resorts and spas. Visitors will can have an exceptional experience here, one that harmoniously blends the clear sea water with the serene desert landscape.

Ras Al-Khaimah

Al Jazirah Al Hamra

Frequented by flocks of both residents and tourists, this island commands a long-standing naval history; owing to its fort, old souk, traditional mosques and dwellings and a small fishermen’s village. It is considered one of the most significant historical and cultural sites in the Arabian peninsula thanks to its rich history, as it was the point of departure for pearl divers. The island also features recreational facilities and a 64-km stretch of serene beaches.


Fujairah Fort

Fujairah Fort is one of the most renowned and largest forts of its kind in the UAE, owing to the pivotal role it played in safeguarding the region throughout history. Constructed in the sixteenth century, the fort comprises three circular and one rectangular tower, elevated at a height of nearly 20 metres above sea level, making it a captivating landmark on the city’s skyline.


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null Gold Souk


Gold Souk

One of the oldest heritage souks in the emirate of Dubai, it is a must-visit destination for all visitors. The market is located in Deira, opposite Dubai Creek and is just a stone’s throw away from other traditional markets and ‘Abra’ boat stations.


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