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Combatting Financial Crimes

goAML Suspicious Transaction Reporting System in the UAE

The goAML system was developed by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism. It is considered an integrated system used by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) to receive, analyse and distribute suspicious transaction reports (STRs) in a fast and efficient manner. A large number of financial intelligence units worldwide are currently using it, and the United Arab Emirates is the first Gulf country to apply this modern system.

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The Role of the UAE Financial Intelligence Unit

The UAE Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) analyses suspicious transactions and activities that may involve money laundering, terrorism financing and related criminal activities, based on data and reports from financial institutions (FIs) and designated non-financial business and professions (DNFBPs) that collaborate and share knowledge to detect and act against such activities.

FIU encourages collaboration and strategic partnerships with local, regional and international stakeholders that have similar goals of combatting financial crimes. Such collaboration entails developing shared network platforms that allow for enhanced knowledge sharing between agencies to combat money laundering and terrorism financing.

Important Alert

Registration of Designated Non-Financial Companies on goAML Portal is Mandatory

All Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions (DNFBPs) were required to register on the goAML portal. The goAML portal is an integrated platform used to file Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) and/or Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR). Under Federal Decree Law No (20) of 2018 and Article 20(2) of Cabinet Decision No (10) of 2019, it is obligatory to have procedures in place to report suspicious transactions to manage anti-money laundering (AML). This system allows companies to help authorities identify criminal and suspicious activity. Failure to register on goAML may result in severe penalties invoked by the Ministry of Economy. If you have not completed your application, please do so at the earliest to gain access to the goAML system.

Check online by filling in the form below

Does Your Company Fall Under the DNFBP?

Does Your Company Fall Under the DNFBP

1. Are you a real estate firm?

Your firm carries out transactions with customers involving the buying or selling of real estate property.

For example, real estate brokers and agents.

2. Are you an auditing or accounting firm?

You provide professional services and assurance to third parties regarding financial and/or business matters.

For example, chartered accountants, accountants, auditors etc.

3. Are you a dealer of precious metals or stones?

You are involved in the production of precious metals or precious stones, an intermediate buyer or broker, precious stone cutter and polisher, precious metal refiner, and/or jewellery manufacturer who use precious metals and precious stones to retail sellers to the public or buyers and sellers in the secondary and scrap markets. These include gold, silver, platinum, diamonds etc.

For example, jewellery stores.

4. Are you a trust or company service provider?

You are involved in providing company establishment and / or business administration services to third parties.

For example, company or legal person set up / formation, providing third party services, business administration, providing registered business address services etc.

5. Are you a legal consulting company (except lawyers and notary publics)?

If your company conducts legal consulting activities only and is not pleaded in the judicial courts.

Note: If you are registered with the Ministry of Justice, you do not have to register with the Ministry of Economy.

Your company falls under the Designated Non-Financial Business and Profession (DNFBP)

Note: These are guidelines and not legal advice; we recommend that you seek independent legal counsel.

You are likely not a DNFBP.

Note: These are guidelines and not legal advice; we recommend that you seek independent legal counsel.

Steps to Register Your Company on goAML Portal

Steps to Register Your Company on goAML Portal

01 Register in the protection system (SACM) of goAML portal and get a username.
02 Get the password from the Google Authenticator app and use it to access the goAML portal.

Required Documents

  • 01

    Authorisation letter from the institution you represent

  • 02

    A copy of your passport, resident visa, and Emirates ID

  • 03

    A copy of the commercial trade license (for companies)

  • 04

    Download the ‘Google Authenticator’ application on your phone. (This application contains the password for the SACM protection system, which will change every minute)

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