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Asset Publisher

Asset Publisher


Trademark Services

Trademark Registration
Trademark Inquiry for Government
Trademark Ownership Transfer
Licensing Using Trademark
Trademark Ownership Modification
Trademark Logo Modification
Trademark Product Modification
Licensing Using Internal Trademark
Change Trademark Agent
Registered Trademark Cancellation by Owner Request
Unregistered Trademarks Cancellation
Trademark Information Certificate
To Whom It May Concern Certificate - Unregistered Trademark
To Whom It May Concern Certificate - Registered Trademark
Copy of Trademark Registration Certificate
Copy of Trademark Renewal Certificate
Pay Publishing Fees For Trademark Registration
Complaints against Trademark Infringement
Pay Registration Fees For Trademark
Trademark Agent Registration
Trademark Agent Registration Renewal
Trademark Agent Registration Modification
Trademark Agent Registration Cancellation
Filling-in Old Trademark Agent Registration Information
Grievance Request Against the Department's Decision Regarding a Trademark
Objection to the Acceptance of a Trademark Registration
Responding to an Objection against the Acceptance of Trademark Registration
Request a Hearing Regarding a Trademark - Objector
Request a Hearing Regarding a Trademark - Objectee
Trademark Cancellation Pursuant to Article (20) bis
Trademark Mortgage Cancellation
Trademark License Cancellation
 Submit a Power of Attorney
Submit a Priority Document

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