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 Foreign Company Cancellation

Through this service, an establishment may request to be cancelled from the registry, should it opt to cease all activities in the UAE. The establishment must submit a request for this, approved by its administrative board or whomever it delegates, while attaching all the required documents.

Service Fees


Conditions and Requirements

    • Ensure the validity of registration into the register  at the time of submission of cancellation application; otherwise, the renewal fee and delay fines, if any shall be paid.

Required Documents

    • Original registration / renewal certificate in the MoE's registry
    • Proof of terminating the national agent's contract
    • Proof of publishing an announcement in two daily local papers, of which at least one is in Arabic, for one time only, regarding the invitation of creditors and other relevant parties to object before the Ministry of Finance. This shall be within one month from the publication date.

    Note: The sum of the bank guarantee shall be released following publication of the cancellation announcement in the local papers.

Steps and Procedures

    •  Login to MOE website.        
    •  Choose the service from the list of services        
    •  Fill in the application data        
    •  Attach documents        
    •  Verify the accuracy of inserted data and attached documents.        
    •  Ensure validity of the registration upon presenting the cancellation request, otherwise the renewal fees will be paid along with delay penalties (if any)        
    • Provide the establishment with the approved announcement form for publication in a local daily newspaper, at least one of which is in Arabic        
    • Notify the concerned authority of the request        
    • Release the bank guarantee following publication, pursuant to a letter directed to the issuing bank, to be delivered to the establishment's representative along with the original voided bank guarantee.        
    • The request is accepted and the cancellation decision is issued following one month from the date of publishing the announcement        

    Note: The establishment must fulfil the publication procedures within the validity of the registration, otherwise it must pay the due fees for renewal and the delay penalty if it fails to publish the announcement promptly.        

    Should the establishment – following cancellation – wish to re-open the branch, the request shall be handled as follows:        

    If the license is not cancelled by the concerned authority:        

    1. Submit the registration renewal request as per the prescribed form        
    2. Present the required bank guarantee        
    3. Pay the fees and penalties, if any        
    4. Issue the registration renewal certificate at the previous durations        

     If the license is cancelled by the concerned authority:        

    1. The request will be handled as a new license and all the recently-issued documents required must be attached. The establishment will also be given a new registration number .
Service Type


Average Duration for Service Delivery

One Working Day.

Service Provision Channels

  • MoE website.
  • MoE smart app.

Target Audience

  • UAE nationals, residents, foreign companies 

Service Provision Timings

24 / 7

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Decent Work & Economic Growth

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