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Asset Publisher


Cancel Trademark

This service allows the owner of the registered trademark or his legal agent to submit a request for cancelling the registration of a trademark, for all - or part of - the goods, products or services registered.

Service Fees

  •  AED 750 Publication Fee in the Official Trademark Bulletin    

Conditions and Requirements


Required Documents

    1. Trade license (for companies or institutions inside the country)    
    2. Legal power of attorney if submitted through a registration agent    
    3. A valid registration certificate    
    4. An official letter explaining the reason for cancellation    

Steps and Procedures

    • Login to MOE website.        
    • Choose the service from the list of services        
    • Fill in the application data        
    • Attach documents        
    • Electronic payment ( AED 750 Publication Fee in the Official Trademark Bulletin )  
    • The application is referred to the competent department for consideration and the applicant is officially notified of the decision.        
Service Type


Average Duration for Service Delivery

40 Days

Service Provision Channels

  • MoE website
  • MoE smart app

Target Audience

Companies, establishments and individuals

Service Provision Timings

24 / 7 

Sustainable Development Goals

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Responsible Consumption & Production

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Call Center




Communication Channels

Call centre and customer protection

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