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Trademark Services-Trademark Registration


Trademark Registration

This service enables the registration of a new trademark, whereby the registration application is examined and reviewed to verify that the trademark to be registered is not identical or similar to one previously registered or requested from the Ministry of Economy. For trademarks related to the control or examination of certain products, the department shall verify the minister's approval of the same.

Service Fees

Fees are calculated based on invoice value as follows:
  • Invoice Value (AED) Fees (AED) (Updated fees)

  • Fees AED 750

Conditions and Requirements

Required Documents

    • Trade license
    • Power of Attorney

Steps and

    • 01 Submit the application form via the Ministry of Economy's website:
    • 02 The request is referred to the relevant department for consideration and the applicant is officially notified of the decision within 30 days from the date of submitting the application.
    • 03 Upon accepting the application, the applicant publishes an announcement in two local Arabic newspapers - at his expense - for a period of one day.
    • 04 A publication will be made in the trademarks bulletin that is issued at the end of each month.
    • 05 An objection period of 30 days from the last announcement of the trademark is allowed.
    • 06 The trademark must be registered within 30 days after the objection period has lapsed.
    • 07 After the registration period ends, delay fines are imposed as follows:
      • Fees for delayed payment of trademark publication fees: AED 100, at a maximum of AED 1000 annually; with part of a month being calculated in full.
      • Fees for delayed payment of trademark registration fees: AED 1000, at a maximum of AED 10000 annually; with part of a month being calculated in full.

Service Rating

Average Duration for Service Delivery

90 days

Service Provision Channels

Ministry of Economy's website - eServices

Target Audience

Companies, establishments and individuals

Service Provision Timings

24 hours

Contact Details

Trademarks Department

Technical support service is available on the Ministry of Economy's website




Communication Channels

Call centre and customer protection

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