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Amend Certificate Of Origin

Amend Certificate of Origin   

Service Fees

  • Fees are calculated based on invoice value as follows:        

Invoice Value (AED)                        Fees

  • From 1 to 1,000                  10  AED                                        
  • From 1,001 to 5,000            20  AED                      
  • From 5,001 to 20,000          30  AED                         
  • From 20,001 to 40,000        40  AED                    
  • From 40,001 to 100,000      50  AED                        
  • From 100,001 to 500,000    100 AED                     
  • Above 500,001                     200 AED                                 

Conditions and Requirements

    • Only producers and exporters can apply Amend Certificate of Origin service.          
    • The request for amendment are allowed only once for an originally issued CoO.        
    • The request for amendment are allowed to limited fields neither the Invoice amount nor the destination will be allowed to be changed        
    • The organization should have an active and registered account in the MOE system.        

Required Documents

    • N/A

Steps and Procedures

    • Login to MOE website.                
    • Choose the Amend Certificate of Origin (CoO) service from the list of E-services.        
    • Select “Start Service” for Amend Certificate of Origin (CoO) Request        
    • Select the organization for which you want to amend the Certificate of Origin (COO)        
    • Select one of the CoO that already issued against the selected organization.        
    • Fill in the necessary application data.            
    • Pay the associated fees.        
    • Submit the application for review and processing.        
    • The employee reviews the application and sends feedback, if any, to the customer’s account; or approves the application if all required conditions are met.        
    • Once, approved, you will receive notification that will guide you to download the requested certificate.       

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This document describes how the user can interact with the Ministry of Economy CoO requests

Service Type


Average Duration for Service Delivery

One working day

Service Provision Channels

  • MoE website

Target Audience

Local Manufacture and Export company

Service Provision Timings

24 hours/ 7 days

Sustainable Development Goals

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Partnership For The Goals

Contact Details

Call Center




Communication Channels

Call centre and customer protection

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