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Know Our Goal…

Enhancing the Contribution of the Cooperative Sector in the National Economy

The UAE seeks to develop a sound, robust and sustainable cooperative sector that actively contributes to its GDP, while demonstrating the ability to respond to the economic and social needs of the community and to fulfil the objectives of UAE Centennial 2071. This is being achieved by establishing more diverse, resilient and sustainable economic foundations, driven by qualified national leaders. The success achieved by global cooperatives over the previous decades is a testament to their economic and social importance, to both their respective members and to the communities at large.

Facts and Figures

Cooperative Economy in the UAE

AED 7.9 billion

Volume of activities

AED 3.1 billion



Cooperatives and
2 cooperative unions

95 thousand

Member shareholders

13 thousand


AED 46 million

Amount of cooperative contributions

Facts and Figures

Global Cooperative Economy

$2 trillion

Total turnover of 300 major global cooperatives

1 billion

Cooperative members globally

1.4 million

Cooperative members in Singapore (representing 25% of the population)

Statistics on UAE Cooperatives

Numbers are in AED
The number of cooperatives and branches in the UAE

Current Status

Cooperatives contribute

less than 1%

to GDP

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Cooperatives to contribute

more than 5%

to GDP by 2031

Number of Shareholders


Learn About Various Cooperative Sectors

Housing Cooperatives

Provide housing services

Health Sector

Provides healthcare services

Financial and Banking Sector

Provides financial and banking services

Tourism Sector

Provides tourism services

Creative Industries

Provides artistic goods, services and creative designs

Technology and Digitisation

Provides digital technology solutions

Consumer Sector

Provides consumer needs at reasonable prices

Agricultural and Livestock Sector

Provides everything related to agriculture and livestock

Education Sector

Provides services related to the educational process

Our plans to develop the cooperative sector in the UAE

  • Raising awareness of the objectives, roles and importance of cooperatives
  • Introducing the best international practices in the cooperative sector
  • Encouraging the establishment of cooperatives to meet the growing needs of community members
  • Ensuring the improvement of the cooperative sector performance according to the latest standards
  • Following-up and monitoring the performance and data of the cooperative sector in the UAE
We’ve Got Your Back…

We Support Efforts that Seek to Establish New Cooperatives in the UAE

We are set on expanding the base of shareholders in existing cooperatives, and promoting the establishment of cooperatives in promising and new sectors, such as renewable energy, financial services, insurance, tourism, health, technology, innovation, creative industries and agricultural technology. This, in turn, will provide new job opportunities and fulfil the various needs of community members.

The Establishment of a Cooperative Association in the UAE

Federal Law No (13) of 1976 sets out the requirements and procedure for establishing cooperative associations, monitoring and controlling their activities, as mandated by the Ministry of Economy.

Establishment Application Form and Documents

  • 01 Founders submit a request to the Ministry of Economy of their wish to establish a cooperative.
  • 02 A meeting is held for the founders to brief them on the concept, scope of work and benefits of cooperatives.
  • 03 After the meeting, the founders submit an official request to MoE, with the following documents attached:
  1. - Two copies of the articles of incorporation must be enclosed; including the names of the members of the temporary committee, who shall proceed with registering and announcing the incorporation of the association.
  2. - Three copies of the statute, approved and signed by the founders.
  3. - Two copies of the minutes of the meeting of the constituent assembly.
  4. - A statement detailing the names and occupations of the founders; as well as the number and value of shares, signed by the founders.
  5. - A copy of feasibility study for the new cooperative society.
  6. - An attested certificate from any national bank in the UAE regarding the deposit of the seed capital.

The Role of the Ministry of Economy

  • 01 Upon verifying the fulfillment of all conditions and requirements necessary to start the activity, the MoE shall declare and register the association.
  • 02 The association’s articles of incorporation and summarised statute shall be published in the official gazette.


Prior to the publication of the declaration decision, a subscription shall be offered to individuals wishing to join the cooperative’s membership. The founders must announce the subscription to provide the capital required to start the business according to the feasibility study.

Cooperative Associations Legislations

Federal Law No (13) Issued on 30/11/1976 concerning Cooperative Associations defines cooperative associations, membership provisions, shares, branches, articles of incorporation, model bylaws, the procedures for establishing associations in the UAE, the formation of boards of directors and the meeting of the general assembly.

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