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Start your journey as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a promising path for the UAE youth

The entrepreneurship sector provides numerous opportunities for the youth and offers a promising future for the next generation. Entrepreneurship has become the preferred career path for young people as new graduates in the UAE today aspire to establish their own businesses. There are almost 600 million male and female entrepreneurs in the world at present, which is a good indication that entrepreneurship has begun to expand at the national and global levels, supporting the growth and economic diversification of various countries around the globe. To help you become a successful entrepreneur, we provide you with a comprehensive guide that includes the essential steps that will allow you to take this career path.

Start Your Business Journey

Get ready for the most exciting journey

Get ready for the most exciting journey

Determine your niche or industry

Know the specialisation of your business project or the industry you want to work in. You can determine your niche by assessing your interests, academic and professional background, as well as your experiences to ensure that you have a sense of purpose to keep you motivated to move forward on your exciting journey.

Study the market

You need to understand your market and get relevant information about the buyer persona - their characteristics, needs and preferences that will impact your business activities. Study your future competitors and know their strengths and weaknesses.

Identify ideas that offer innovative solutions

A good project starts with an innovative idea and this idea may be completely new or provide a better solution than the ones available in the market. Also, remember that the products or services you provide must not only be innovative, but should also be appealing to your target segment and become profitable. These services or products must offer a solution to a problem or meet the needs and requirements of the market so that your target audience will be willing to pay for it. Thus, it is important to identify the problems faced by customers and the market demand within your niche, and devise creative solutions to address them.

Learn about the latest industry trends

Do an in-depth study of new market insights and forecasts to explore new trends in your industry and identify the product or service that needs to be developed in line with these trends to future-proof your concept.

Connect with other entrepreneurs

Getting to know other entrepreneurs through various events will be a useful step in gaining abundant knowledge and useful tips and advice that will help you conceptualise your product or service.

Join educational and training programs for entrepreneurs

In order to be a successful entrepreneur and get ahead of the tough competition, it is essential to equip yourself with the right knowledge and skills. You can take educational courses relevant to your chosen field. For example, if you want to set up a restaurant business, you can enroll in a certification programme related to restaurant management or you may also undergo culinary training to have an added advantage. You may also consider earning a business degree to learn essential skills, or even an undergraduate degree relevant to your business goals. There are entrepreneurship programmes available online which aim to support students and young entrepreneurs to transform ideas into an actual business.

Important skills of an entrepreneur

Important skills of an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs need to develop diverse skill sets to help them manage their business effectively. Here are the most important entrepreneurial skills that you should possess:

Leadership skills

Owning and managing a business requires leadership skills to effectively motivate your team members and become actively involved in all your business activities.

Business management skills

You need to develop your competencies when it comes to organisation, multitasking, delegating responsibilities to your team members, critical thinking, decision-making and problem solving.

Customer service skills

These skills involve having discussions with prospective clients to build trust, talking about building partnerships, connecting with your clients and making sure that what you offer meets their needs.

Financial skills

Remember that participating in the financial aspect of your business is one of the first tasks assigned to you. You can learn these skills by enrolling in specialised training courses, reading books on financial management, learning accounting programs, and hiring accountants.

Marketing skills

It is vital to learn effective marketing strategies to market your project, and marketing begins by establishing your business presence in both the real world and the digital world. You can take short training courses on marketing and seek marketing services to develop your business.

Social communication skills

Social communication skills help you achieve your goals by building partnerships and expanding your network that will provide you with opportunities for business growth. Thus, always make sure to maintain a good collaborative relationship with all people you interact with.

Knowledge of digital tools

Knowledge of digital tools

There is a wide range of innovative digital tools that you can rely on to increase your productivity and organise your tasks in an efficient and professional manner to save significant time and effort.

Subscribe to email marketing systems

You can send automated emails to your subscribers such as newsletters, promos, and special deals by building a database of e-mail addresses of potential customers through email marketing systems.

Team task management software

These tools allow you to keep track of your tasks as well as the tasks and progress of your team members. You may also set up alerts, prepare your to-do lists, and other useful task management features.

Social media management tools

Social media is one of the most important marketing channels that you need to connect with your target audience. There are programmes and tools that help you schedule your posts and publish them on a specific date and time which can significantly save your time and effort.

Meeting organisers

You can use these tools to organise your meetings and avoid wasting time on sending too many emails. All you have to do is send your link to the person you want to meet and they will select their most suitable time from your list of available schedule.

File sharing tools

File sharing tools allow all employees to work on the same version of a file at once, complete a task in real-time wherever you are, and avoid the hassle of sorting multiple files and versions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms

These effective tools help you communicate with existing customers as well as your previous and potential clients. They provide you with relevant data related to your business transactions in addition to other benefits that help you establish your relationship with customers.

Communication Channels

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