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null Responsible Consumption and Production

Responsible Consumption and Production
Goal 12
Responsible Consumption and Production

With the UAE’s commitment to achieve sustainable development, the government established the Circular Economy Policy, a comprehensive framework that defines the country’s strategy to attain sustainable governance and the right utilisation of natural resources, by adopting consumption and production methods that enhance the quality of life of the present and future generations. The Circular Economy Policy, which offers a significant contribution to the achievement of Goal 12, aims to promote environmental health, support the private sector in the adoption of clean production methods, reduce the strain on the environment, and achieve the UAE’s vision to be a world leader in green development.

The circular economy serves as an economic model for businesses, which focuses on sustainable production and consumption and aims to minimise the extraction of natural resources, enhance the efficiency of using resources, reduce consumer and industrial waste, and extend the life cycle of materials and products through environment-friendly measures.

The Ministry supports this policy by launching the global initiative, ‘Circular Economy Turns Digital’, in collaboration with Microsoft, the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and Cariplo Factory from Italy. The programme aims to accelerate the UAE’s transformation towards a circular economy through digital technology.

This initiative allows technology-based start-ups in the UAE and Italy to showcase their projects to major global companies, present the most advanced innovations that have the capability to catalyse the transition towards a circular economy, and gain opportunities to form commercial partnerships with leading companies.

The Role of the Ministry of Economy in Achieving Goal 12

  • 01

    Enhances the national economy's ability to support sustainability and create opportunities for sustainable development through its policies and initiatives.

  • 02

    Promotes a supportive environment to facilitate the UAE’s transition towards a circular economy through initiatives that serve the UAE’s vision and commitment to achieve sustainable development.

  • 03

    Strives to integrate the circular economy model in the UAE’s business and development activities.

  • 04

    Involves start-ups and SMEs and enables global partnerships to accelerate the transformation to a circular economy.

  • 05

    Develops areas of cooperation between the public and private sectors to promote the transition towards a circular economy.

  • 06

    Encourages start-ups to focus on innovations that can accelerate the transition towards a circular economy by addressing waste and pollution reduction, increasing and expanding supply chains, and extending the viability of raw materials and products.

  • 07

    Plays a vital role of encouraging the participation of the public and private sector in initiatives and programmes that promote the circular economy.

  • 08

    Encourages business sectors towards adopting measures that reduce their carbon footprint and cut wastes.

  • 09

    Supports recycling industries and green practices undertaken by business sectors in order to preserve the environment.

  • 10

    Strives to raise awareness and provide the necessary information to businesses regarding effective strategies to carry out sustainable operations.

  • 11

    Launches initiatives, activities and programmes that promote responsible production and consumption practices.

  • 12

    Supports all government initiatives seeking to achieve green economic growth and sustainable development.

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