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Our Goal in the Ministry of Economy…

Stimulating Innovation in the UAE’s Economic Sector

The Ministry of Economy contributes to achieving the UAE’s vision and strategic directions in terms of supporting innovation and excellence. The Ministry has adopted innovation as a methodology in all areas of its work and made it an integral part of its strategic objectives. The Ministry is keen to provide an incubating and stimulating environment for innovation, and to launch initiatives, strategies and programmes that consolidate and spread the culture of innovation at the national level. The Ministry has included innovation in its corporate vision: "Building a diversified global competitive economy based on knowledge and innovation and led by national competencies."

Our Agenda

Supporting Innovation in the Economic Sector

  • 01

    Spreading the culture of innovation by organising events and activities, which contribute to making the UAE among the most innovative countries in the world.

  • 02

    Supporting innovation and creativity by facilitating the registration of patents and intellectual works as well as reducing the costs for innovators and creators.

  • 03

    Supporting scientific research and creativity through cooperation with academic institutions which are the first incubator for creative ideas and innovations.

  • 04

    Encouraging the transformation of innovative ideas into commercial activities that benefit companies and enhance the UAE’s competitiveness in innovation indicators.

  • 05

    Supporting the improvement of the quality and performance of local products to raise the competitiveness of national companies in the local and foreign markets.

  • 06

    Promoting the opportunities of transition to a knowledge-based economy in order to achieve the goals of the UAE Centennial 2071 and the Fifty Economic Plan.

Fostering Innovation

Ministry of Economy Initiatives

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February 2021

Innovative Patent Initiative Registering Utility Certificates with Reduced Fees

In support of innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs who own technology and innovation-based projects as well as workers in academic institutions, the Ministry of Economy allows the registration of “utility certificates” in order to protect their rights from infringement by third parties for a period of ten years, with reduced fees for the categories benefiting from the utility certificates.

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February 2021

UAE Growth Lab

It aims to develop economic policies, based on future foresight and using the best experiences and minds. The laboratory is based on partnerships with four national universities: UAE University, Zayed University, American University of Sharjah and New York University Abu Dhabi, as well as a number of the most prestigious international universities and academic experts in different specialities.

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February 2021

Promoting the Top 50 Innovative Companies Stimulating a Culture of Innovation in the Business Environment

During the Innovation Week, the Ministry of Economy organised a promotional campaign for the top 50 innovative companies by sharing information about these companies on the Ministry's social media accounts to encourage them and to communicate their efforts to the public, with the aim of motivating them to continue their progress in integrating innovation into their activities and plans.

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February 2021

Workshop to Attract Investors and Talents Supporting an Attractive and Competitive Investment Environment

A virtual workshop was held, attended by 21 federal and local government agencies, to discuss the optimisation and activation of the Golden Residency system for investors and talents, as well as the strategies to effectively face challenges. The session identified several recommendations, including the importance of creating an electronic portal for the unified investor visa, and the importance of issuing the UAE Golden Residency Guide.

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March 2020

Innovation Hackathon for Innovative Startups

The hackathon aims to provide an opportunity for start-ups and owners of innovative ideas to participate in the development of innovative solutions to several economic and commercial challenges related to brands, while allocating incentives and rewards to companies that provide the best solutions. The hackathon included students from schools and universities.

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February 2020

The First Innovation Forum in Partnership with Dubai Customs

The first innovation forum was organised in partnership with Dubai Customs within the activities of the Innovation Month and aims to provide a platform regularly held for inventors inside and outside the UAE to communicate and activate their ideas. A total of 40 innovative projects participated and a number of dialogue sessions were held on artificial intelligence and innovation methodologies.

Responsive Image
December 2018

200 Patents Initiative Aimed at Encouraging Emirati inventors

Providing financial support and technical advice to UAE inventors to register patent applications in the field of information technology, as 40 patent applications are being supported.

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February 2018

Inventors' Happiness Initiative, the Participation of Inventors in Exhibitions

Providing support to inventors by facilitating their participation in local and international exhibitions to enhance their communication with investors and businessmen and contribute to the dissemination and marketing of their inventions. 211 inventors were involved in local exhibitions and 7 inventors in international exhibitions outside the UAE.

Responsive Image
January 2018

Technology Innovation Pioneers Initiative

The initiative, which was launched through the efforts of the Ministry of Economy and the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi, aims to spread the culture of innovation in the SME sector, encourage pioneers to innovate, support Emirati inventors, spread innovation in all government institutions, and gather and integrate the efforts of government agencies, companies, academic institutions, and research institutions.

Providing a Supportive Environment for Innovation

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in the UAE

The Ministry of Economy plays a major role in creating a supportive environment for innovation in the economic sector by protecting intellectual property rights. The framework for protecting intellectual property rights has contributed to the growing confidence of innovators and talents from around the world in the UAE as a platform to incubate their innovations and creativity.

Intellectual Works Registered
in the UAE from 2016- 2020

The UAE has witnessed significant development in the registration of intellectual works over the years, with an increase in the number of registered intellectual works from 590 in 2016 to 1,984 in 2020.

Number of Patents and Utility Models
Registered from 2017 to 2020
Registered Trademarks from 2018 to 2020

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