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null Partnerships for the Goals

Partnerships for the Goals
Goal 17
Partnerships for the Goals

The Ministry of Economy’s role in achieving Goal 17 involves building and strengthening the UAE’s local, regional and global partnerships to boost opportunities for economic productivity and growth that contribute to sustainable development. It aims to uphold solidarity among nations and developing a collaborative relationship that is based on mutual trust to leverage future opportunities that will help build a stronger and more resilient economy. Moreover, the Ministry constantly works on bolstering ties with the public and private sector and developing a supportive and innovative environment to serve various industries.

The Role of the Ministry of Economy in Achieving Goal 17

  • 01

    Concludes international agreements with foreign countries and global organisations with the aim of boosting trade and strengthening economic and commercial ties.

  • 02

    Launches initiatives, in collaboration with specialised leading global institutions and corporations, in the field of innovation, advanced sciences and data.

  • 03

    Implements joint ventures with its partners in the government and private sectors in order to enhance policies and institutional infrastructure, fostering a favourable business and innovation environment in the UAE.

  • 04

    Launched, in cooperation with the National Fund for Social Responsibility, the "Smart Platform for Corporate Social Responsibility" on 26 November 2019, which aims to enhance the private sector’s contribution to community development and facilitate the establishment of local and global partnerships in order to support local communities.

  • 05

    Establishes effective policies that strengthen partnerships and establish the principle of collaboration at a global, regional and domestic level, in order to tackle all challenges.

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