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null Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Goal 9
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

The UAE is a regional leader in terms of building infrastructure, developing industries and enhancing innovation, which are crucial factors that impact economic growth and development. Globally, it has cemented its leading position in various indicators, including ease of doing business, competitive capacity, entrepreneurship, investment, innovation and tourism. The Ministry of Economy focuses its efforts on meeting the social and environmental sustainability requirements in all economic activities of the UAE to achieve Goal 9, with its core vision that aims to achieve a sustainable economic growth based on knowledge and innovation.

The Ministry gives importance on building an effective digital infrastructure, supporting the UAE’s digital economy and constantly enhancing its capacity to keep up with the fast-changing trends in technology and provide a competitive environment conducive for doing business.

The MoE upholds innovation in its mission, plans and strategies, which is vital in finding feasible solutions to economic and environmental challenges, particularly by providing opportunities to concerned sectors to transform ideas into practical exceptional results that serve the Ministry’s vision. In line with the UAE National Strategy for Innovation and the UAE Vision 2021, the Ministry of Economy launched the Technology Innovation Pioneers (TIP), in cooperation with the Department of Economic Development of Abu Dhabi. It is the first integrated innovation and funding digital platform in the Middle East which aims to find real solutions to the world’s major challenges. It also aspires to attract innovative ideas and promote the creation of an empowered entrepreneurial ecosystem and boost market access.

The goals of the TIP initiative include linking innovation ecosystem partners at local and international levels, enhancing the start-up and entrepreneurial environment to address national and global challenges through breakthrough innovation, launching relevant initiatives in different sectors, and contributing to the achievement of SDG 9 through providing support towards achieving a competitive economy, based on knowledge and innovation.

The Role of the Ministry of Economy in Achieving Goal 9

  • 01

    Develops standards and regulations with the goal of ensuring the ease of doing business and sustainable management of initiatives, investments, corporate projects, and external trade.

  • 02

    Forms collaborations with the public sector and non-government organisations to support the sustainable growth of developing countries and the effective management of innovation and investments.

  • 03

    Performs an administrative role with local institutions through the establishment and regulation of a suitable environment that will protect the interests of sustainable companies.

  • 04

    Portrays a legislative role with governments by creating strategies, regulations and laws that are equitable for all.

  • 05

    Involved in the development of policies and legislation in line with the highest international standards for competitive economy.

  • 06

    Plays an active role in the organisation and development of the national SME and entrepreneurship sector.

  • 07

    Works to enable healthy business practices, as well as the protection of consumers, foreign investor rights, and intellectual property rights.

  • 08

    Develops initiatives that aim to accelerate the innovation pace and mindset in the country’s economy and is responsible for its transformation towards an economy that is based in knowledge and innovation.

  • 09

    Fosters the competitiveness of the UAE in intellectual property rights and establishes a stimulating ecosystem for innovation, research and development.

  • 10

    Supports knowledge and innovation-based industries by boosting their competitiveness and diversity.

  • 11

    Upholds innovation by inculcating an innovative culture in the institutional work environment.

  • 12

    Constantly develops and upgrades its services and processes and enhances its level of performance in line with customer needs, innovation and excellence standards.

  • 13

    Initiates advanced sciences and research that lead to scientific accomplishments, thus ensuring a better future for humanity.

  • 14

    Supports the National Innovation Strategy and the strategies of artificial intelligence and the fourth industrial revolution.

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