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Know the Process to

Establish Companies in the UAE

The process of establishing a company in the UAE involves only a few simple steps, in all seven emirates. You can apply in person at the Department of Economic Development in the emirate where you plan to establish business. Additionally, digital platforms are available to obtain a commercial license and establish a company online where applying with the necessary documents will lead to a license within minutes. Investors can also apply through legal offices or designated companies offering business establishment services. Establishing a company typically involves identifying the location, specifying the nature of business and paying ascribed fees, for the issuance of a commercial license.

Time Taken to Set Up Your Company in the UAE and Worldwide

10 Days

In high-income
countries, according
to the World Bank

4 Days

In the UAE through
the Department of Economic Development

15 Minutes

Via the Basher
online platform

Choose a Location

To Start Your Company

Ways To Apply

The electronic Basher platform

Basher - a unified platform that allows establishing your company within 15 minutes. The local and federal government agencies concerned with licensing economic activities in various emirates have been brought together into a unified platform to facilitate doing business.

Through the departments of economic development in the Emirates:
You can apply to establish your company by visiting one of the following offices:
  • Government sevice centres
  • Tasheel offices
  • OnTime offices for government services
  • Legal services offices
  • Customer happiness centres affiliated to the departments of economic development in all emirates of the country
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Steps to Establish Your Company in the UAE Mainland

01 Identify the Nature of Your Business Activity

The UAE offers 6 main types of economic licenses







There are more than 2,000 economic activities in the UAE

Economic licenses can include several economic activities. The nature of the company’s activity determines the type of license that will be issued.

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Steps to Establish Your Company in the UAE Free Zones

01 Determine the Nature of Your Business Activity

UAE free zones offer several types of business licenses to investors and entrepreneurs based on the nature of business. Some of them are:

Commercial Trade

Consultancy Services











Communication Channels

Call centre and customer protection

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